Satellite Phone

Satellite Phone

No longer you will be stranded on a beach with no coverage - Ooredoo Satellite 699 lets your smartphone be converted to a satellite phone. Compatible with all smartphones, Ooredoo offers a satellite sleeve, a local SIM, and a satellite SIM for our customers.

 Satellite 699
Monthly Fee (MVR)699
Free Minutes1600
Free SMS100
Call Rate to other networks90 Laari per minute
Free Data Allowance2GB
Excess Data Charge20 Laari per MB


  • SatSleeve price of MVR 8,000 is applicable for new customers.
  • Initial credit for Satellite SIM will be MVR 308
  • Outgoing calls from Thuraya to Thuraya will be at MVR 13.11 (within Zone E) and MVR 19.28 (outsize Zone E)
  • Outgoing calls from Satellite SIM within Band 1 will be at MVR 13.88 (within Zone E) and MVR 28.53 (outsize Zone E)
  • Outgoing calls from Satellite SIM within Band 2 will be at MVR 78.49 (within Zone E) and MVR 92.83 (outsize Zone E)
  • Outgoing SMS from Satellite SIM will be charged at MVR 5.39
  • Data usage on Satellite SIM will be charged at 53.97 per MB

Calls and text messages in satellite mode

Expand the horizons of your smartphone, and use it in satellite mode across whenever there is no terrestrial network available.

Email on the go

Access emails in satellite mode, no matter where you're.

Take your favourite apps with you

Use your favourite apps such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and many more, so you can chat and update your profile in places that are beyond terrestrial network reach.

Compatibility with the smartphone

Add a reliable satellite connection to your smartphone, wherever you go. The SatSleeve App is available as a free download from Apple Appstore.


Simply dock your smartphone into the SatSleeve to enjoy satellite connectivity. Available in 12 languages, the user-friendly SatSleeve App allows you to easily integrate your iPhone address book for satellite calls and messages with the swipe of your fingers.

Enhanced safety features

SatSleeve comes equipped with an Emergency Call Button, allowing you to make an emergency call to one predefined number even without your smartphone docked.

Supported by the most robust and powerful satellite network

The satellite network is renowned for having the most reliable satellite coverage that covers approximately 161 countries, or two-third of the globe. With the High Penetration Alerting (HPA) capability, Ooredoo Satellite Phone enables you to receive a call notification even with the satellite antenna stowed, keeping you connected at all times.

Changeable Smartphone Adaptors

Different smartphone adaptors for the SatSleeve provide you the flexibility to use the SatSleeve with recent smartphone models.

Built-in compression

To increase the speed when loading websites, the SatSleeve for iPhone can be used with 3 different access points (APNs). Select either high-compression (no images will be downloaded for fastest website loading), low compression (images will be compressed) , or no compression (full website content will be loaded). Depending on your requirements, select the most suitable APNs in the GmPRS settings on your Ooredoo Satellite Phone.