ReethiTunes allows you to set your favorite tune instead of the normal beep sound, when someone calls you. Any local or international caller will hear the ReethiTunes.

To subscribe and setup ReethiTunes, visit

To activate ReethiTunes service, SMS "GO" and send the message to 4000. You will be charged MVR 8 as a one time activation fee. When the activation is successful, you will receive a confirmation message.

 To activate the service you have 3 options:

  • Send GO to 4000
  • Buy a Tune directly by sending an SMS "BuyTuneID" to 4000
  • Press Subscribe on website
  • Call 4000 and following instructions
  • Press * while calling to your friend who has already ReethiTune service

- All SMS sent to 4000 is FREE of charge

Each tune downloaded has a validity of 30 days. Before the tune downloaded to your library expires, Ooredoo will send you a notification SMS, mentioning that the downloaded Tune will expire soon. Charge per tune is MVR 4.

How many Tunes can a Customer download and set as their ReethiTunes?

Can download up to 10 tunes at once and set up to 10 tunes at any given time.


What are the ways which we can set a tune as a ReethiTunes?

Customers can set tunes using SMS, website and by calling 4000.


Can we set any Tune to any person I want and any time of the day and also even to all my friends?

Yes. Different tunes can be set for different people, dates, times or even groups of people, Friends & Families.


Can we set the tunes to any number, even international numbers also?

Can set ReethiTunes for any local and IDD numbers.


Can we gift any tune to any of our friends, families & loved ones?

Yes. You can gift tunes to friends, family & loved ones.


What can I do with ReethiTunes service?

You will be able to enjoy below unique features from ReethiTunes service:

  • Gift tunes to others.
  • Copy a tune of others by pressing (STAR)* while you hear the tune.
  • Set a special tune for an individual or a group.
  • Different tunes can be set for different times or days.
  • Weekly Top 10, Monthly Top 10 and latest uploads.
  • You can download up to 10 tunes.
  • Can set up to 10 tunes at any time in your ReethiTunes wheel so your callers are never bored.


How can I cancel ReethiTunes service?

To cancel ReethiTunes service, SMS "STOP" to 4000. You will be receiving a confirmation SMS upon cancellation of the service.