Enjoy easy access to Hungama Pro and get unlimited access to listen to and download from the incredible music collection of over 3.5 million songs from Bollywood and international charts. Hungama Pro also allows ad-free and uninterrupted music experience on Ooredoo's world class mobile data network.

 ChargeTo subscribe
Hungama Music Pro - Daily MVR 2 Send "SUB H1" to 4725
Hungama Music Pro - Weekly MVR 8 Send "SUB H2" to 4725
Hungama Music Pro - Monthly MVR 25 Send "SUB H3" to 4725

  • Subscription charges apply as below:
    • Daily Subscription: MVR 2
    • Weekly Subscription: MVR 8
    • Monthly Subscription: MVR 25
  • Standard data charges apply for browsing and listening to the contents.

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