Welcome to Ooredoo Locate, tracking

09th Nov 2014
Ooredoo Maldives has today introduced Ooredoo Locate, a solution that uses GPS technology to remotely track vehicles and assets in real-time using smartphones, personal computers, or other Internet-enabled mobile devices. The service is an innovative and cost-effective way to keep track on location of personal vehicles, sea vessels and even individuals such as snorkelers or young children. Mr. Vikram Sinha, CEO of Ooredoo said: “Ooredoo has introduced a number of innovative technological solutions to the Maldives that have made a significant difference to people’s lives. Today, we’re introducing a smart solution to monitor and control highly valued assets like motorbikes, cars, speedboats or even cargo vessels and shipping containers, directly from your mobile phone. Ooredoo Locate gives details on real-time locations, generates reports on routes travelled and even sends SMS alerts based on customized settings such as when a vehicle goes outside of a designated zone (like a harbour). Whether its boat owners managing small or large fleets, delivery businesses making sure deliveries are on time or even water sports centres tracking snorkelers, Ooredoo Locate can be deployed in countless situations.” Ooredoo offers four packages to meet unique tracking needs: • Personal Tracking Using a small device that easily fits into a pocket, this package tracks individuals, for instance, snorkelers in water sports centers, or can be given to young children travelling long distances. With one-way calling and an SOS button, the device is available for a monthly fee of MVR120 with inclusive 500MB. • Lite Vehicle Tracking Suitable for tracking personal vehicles on land and sea, this package is ideal for personal and small corporate use. It can be easily placed in motorcycles, jet skis or other small vehicles. Available for a monthly fee of just MVR150 with inclusive 850MB. • Vessels Tracking This package is ideal for managing fleets, such as taxis, ferry or speedboat operators, and is available for MVR399 monthly fee with inclusive 1GB allowance. • Satellite Tracking This package is ideal for use that travel outside the Maldives coverage zone including cargo ships, fishing vessels or even to track individual containers or shipping products. Using satellite tracking, the package is available for MVR1099 monthly fee which comes with inclusive 1GB allowance. Ooredoo Locate devices can be tracked on a portal where reports can be generated and customized settings can be used to generate SMS alerts. The highly versatile and technologically advanced Ooredoo Locate is simple to install and use. These devices and packages are now available at Ooredoo Experience Centres across the country.