Ooredoo launches 3G+ in Kaafu Dhiffushi along with 30 additional islands

14th Sep 2014

Ooredoo Maldives has today announced the launch of 3G+ network in K.Dhiffushi.

Launch of 3G+ in K. Dhiffushi has been completed as part of the network modernization project announced in July 2014 when Ooredoo announced the launch of 3G+ network in additional 64 islands to enable customers across Maldives to experience the best data speeds, excellent connectivity and enhanced experience on their smart devices.

Said Vikram Sinha, CEO of Ooredoo Maldives. "As promised we're expanding the best network to more islands, and today with launch of 3G+ in Dhiffushi and 30 more islands, our increasing customers across Maldives can now enjoy the best network and transform their lives with the help of the latest technologies." 

From the 64 new islands announced, 30 islands now enjoy Maldives best 3G+ network with the best data packages:

  1. ADh_Dhigurah
  2. F_Feeali
  3. V_Fulidhoo
  4. K_Aarah
  5. V_Felidhoo
  6. M_Kolhufushi
  7. GA_Nilandhoo
  8. ADh_Hanghghaameedhoo
  9. K_Diffushi
  10. B_Goidhoo
  11. GA_Kodey
  12. AA_Bodufolhudhoo
  13. AA_Mathiveri
  14. L_Kalhaidhoo
  15. AA_Himendhoo
  16. AA_Maalhoss
  17. L_Dhabidhoo
  18. Sh_Maroshi
  19. ADh_Mandhoo
  20. ADh_Fenfushi
  21. GA_Dhevvadhoo
  22. L_Kadhdhoo
  23. HDh_Hirimaradhoo
  24. Sh_Feevah
  25. B_Kendhoo
  26. ADh_Dhangethi
  27. GDh_Nadallaa
  28. GA_Maamendhoo
  29. Sh_Goidhoo
  30. ADh_Omadhoo

The project is expected to be completed by end of September 2014 with launch of 3G+ network in 64 new islands across Maldives.