Ooredoo Customer Care goes Digital

Ooredoo Customer Care goes Digital
17th Sep 2015

Ooredoo Maldives has upgraded their digital customer experience offered to customers, by consolidating service touch points for social media, live chat and mobile app.

With this exciting development, Ooredoo can now offer seamless customers support through many different streams such as a live-chat option on their existing mobile application and website. Additionally, Ooredoo’s latest social media platforms can assist customers in managing their accounts and enables them to receive help from wherever they are, on the social media platform of choice.

All of these channels are connected to one single console, enabling Ooredoo to easily monitor their global activity, traffic, performance and quality of service. This will greatly help the company in further understanding what customers are looking for and what their expectations of Ooredoo services are. Ooredoo will continue to build on this information in order to meet the needs and expectations of its digitally evolved customer base.

“We’re excited to introduce our new digital customer service touch points, as part of our continuing efforts to deliver best in class experience across all customer touch-points, to the tech-savvy customers of Maldives. With these smart solutions in place, we are able to offer innovative new ways of responding to customer queries and supporting them with an enhanced customer experience” said Vikram Sinha, CEO of Ooredoo Maldives.

This digital transition is supported by Dimelo, a leading digital customer engagement software partner, known for their expertise in Telco Customer Care Management.

“We are happy to provide our expertise to Ooredoo Maldives. Customer satisfaction is our clients’ key preoccupations and our goal is to assist them with digital customer care” Stéphane Lee, CEO de Dimelo.

“We’re pleased to partner with Dimelo, as we move our customer care to the next level. Dimelo’s flexible SaaS platform enables Ooredoo to centralize response management of every digital channel in a unified agent interface, with unified workflows and analytics across channels” said Sanjay Vaghasia, CTO of Ooredoo Maldives.

With differentiation through the customer experience being a central pillar of the company’s strategy, Ooredoo will continuing to push forward with new innovations designed to enhance the customer experience. For more information on the digital enhancements to Ooredoo customer service touch points, please log on to ooredoo.mv.